The World’s Digital Marketing Data…

Centralized, Standardized, Anonymized and Compared



What Is Qoints?

Qoints is a collaborative repository for digital marketing data. We collect consumer marketers campaign data and their competitors’ marketing campaign data…

Qoints Collaborative Repository

… which is then provided to advertising agencies and brand marketers who use it to increase their products’ market share.

We help marketers set objective benchmarks and understand results in order to improve the overall effectiveness of their digital marketing budgets.


What Currently Happens?

Consumer marketers can’t determine the success of their  programs without information about their competitors’ campaigns. All marketers know they must collect data, but most don’t know what to do with it once they have it. Only 24% of brands use their data for actionable marketing insight (source).


How Qoints Works… We’re Neutral!

Brands are willing to share their anonymized data with Qoints in exchange for access to the same information from their competitors


What Happens When You Use Qoints?

We sell access to anonymous competitor marketing campaign metrics unavailable anywhere else.

Qoints Product

Marketers get the ability to compare and benchmark their data against a much larger set (which includes their competitors), and based on the results, they receive insights that are clear and easy to take action on.


Qoints Data Standardization & Warehousing

Centralize all digital campaign data in a standardized format so all data fields are categorized (provide the ability to compare many different campaigns).


Qoints Comparative Index

Measures digital promotions against past campaigns, competition and industry averages


Qoints Insight Engine

Supplies actionable intelligence based on data collected to improve future results