Why People Relate To Micro Influencers

More and more, marketers are turning to micro influencers to increase brand awareness and engagement through social media. Engagement results are said to be much higher due to the simple fact that people relate to micro influencers. As consumers have steadily lost trust in advertising, there has been a shift to preferring genuine recommendations from … Continue reading "Why People Relate To Micro Influencers"

Characteristics of A Micro Influencer

As the validity of word of mouth advertising has continued to prove successful, the rise of influencer marketing campaigns and their respective budgets has come with it. If you’re a marketer with a lean allowance or even an enterprise organization just getting started with influencer marketing, you will likely focus your efforts on targeting micro … Continue reading "Characteristics of A Micro Influencer"

How To Pay A Micro Influencer

When it comes to Influencer Marketing, one of the most common questions people have is around payment and influencer expectations. Unfortunately there is no black and white answer to this as a number of factors are involved when setting pricing. One thing for sure is that you can expect to pay different rates for each … Continue reading “How To Pay A Micro Influencer”

How To Find Influencers

Influencer marketing is a promotional strategy that leverages people who have the capacity to effect brand preferences and associated behaviours. The influencer’s ability to have this impact is typically based on their individual expertise, popularity, or reputation within a target market. Marketers can use influencer marketing to establish credibility, create social conversations around their brand, … Continue reading "How To Find Influencers"

How To Use Micro Influencers To Grow Your Ecommerce Brand

How To Use Micro Influencers To Grow Your Ecommerce Brand Influencer marketing campaigns are designed to raise brand awareness, drive engagement and boost conversions. Applying these strategies to an e-commerce brand, as a way to generate sales, is a natural fit. There are a number of best practices to keep in mind when leveraging micro … Continue reading "How To Use Micro Influencers To Grow Your Ecommerce Brand"

Common Questions About Influencer Marketing

According to AdWeek, 75% of marketers are now using influencer marketing, and it continues to rapidly grow. While more and more marketers are understanding its value, there are still important questions to consider before launching an influencer marketing campaign.  Today we address some of the most common questions about influencer marketing: How much should I … Continue reading "Common Questions About Influencer Marketing"

Macro vs Micro Influencers

It’s very common to associate influencer marketing campaigns with celebrities that have large fan bases. We see the Kardashians promoting beauty products on Instagram and know that partnership must have cost a fortune. While that’s likely true, the other reality is that influencer marketing doesn’t have to include household names and six figure budgets, in … Continue reading "Macro vs Micro Influencers"