Qoints to introduce digital marketing benchmarks for Household Goods and Health & Beauty on January 1, 2017

As of JANUARY 1, 2017, Qoints will be expanding the index with 2 BRAND NEW categories. We are proud to make benchmarks for the HOUSEHOLD GOODS and HEALTH & BEAUTY categories available to all of our customers. There will be a limited opportunity, until the end of November, to collaborate on these benchmarks as a Luminary Partner. Luminary Partners have the ability to influence the metrics that Qoints tracks, and get first access to the intelligence that comes out in the New Year.

Qoints is a Toronto-based marketing intelligence platform and data marketplace that helps marketers drive better results through their digital promotions. The Qoints software provides marketers with a knowledge base of digital promotions, which allows them to compare their results against the rest of their industry.

It’s a really exciting time to be in the Household Goods and Health & Beauty category in North America – marketing mix strategies without benchmarks will soon be a thing of the past. Looking ahead, in the New Year we’ll be working hard to open up new benchmarks in the RETAIL, QUICK SERVE, and FINANCIAL SERVICES categories. The addition of these two new verticals brings the total number of industries covered in the Qoints Public Knowledge Base to three (including the Food & Beverage category).

Qoints announced the first set of public digital marketing benchmarks in April of 2016, after inking a deal with the Brand Activation Association which provided access to proprietary digital promotion campaign data collected through submissions to the REGGIE Awards. That dataset was aggregated into the existing Qoints Knowledge Base and made available for customers through the platform. These benchmarks include popular shopper marketing tactics such as sweepstakes, coupons and personalized content on mainstream social media channels across Canada and the USA.

Campaign data covers a wide range of marketing channels and platforms which include (but are not limited to) social media, email, search, display, video and more. Qoints has been conducting internal research studies in partnership with many leading consumer brands and agencies, which has fueled the recent growth of the platform’s dataset. The ongoing use of Qoints for internal data management and these collaborative research studies will allow for continued expansion into new verticals throughout 2017.