Pictured (left to right) Members of the Qoints team:  Harris Maxwell, Cory Rosenfield, Blake Adams, Grace Demill, Brock Ney, Daniel Tabak


As the clouds of the long weekend blew away to reveal amazing patio weather, Qoints & N100 hosted the 2nd annual startup BBQ on Tuesday August 8, 2017. With over a hundred passionate members of the Northumberland startup community in attendance, guests enjoyed good food and company outside of the Mill Pub & Restaurant in beautiful Cobourg, Ontario while taking part in this celebration of entrepreneurship. Our CEO & Co-founder, Cory Rosenfield, welcomed attendees and opened the conversation on innovation in Northumberland County, setting the stage for some very exciting announcements.


Qoints BBQ

Pictured (left to right): Rick Holmes (Chairman of the Northumberland CFDC Board of Directors), Wendy Curtis (Executive Director of the Northumberland CFDC), Nisha Sarveswaran (CEO and Co-founder of Ambience Data), Cory Rosenfield (CEO and Co-founder of Qoints), and John Hayden (Manager, N100/N1M)


The event generated significant buzz around the winner of N100 2017, Ambience Data, and their continued dedication to developing digital environmental monitoring systems. This news was accompanied by two exciting announcements from MP Kim Rudd, who represents the riding of Northumberland-Peterborough South. First, Northumberland CFDC’s contribution of $50,000 under the Eastern Ontario Development Program (EODP) towards the Northumberland Agri Food Fund. In addition, MP Rudd announced the CFDC’s investment of $100,000 towards EODP’s Collaborative Economic Development Project’s 3D digital mapping project, which will contribute to 25 new business partnerships within rural Eastern Ontario.


“We have clear success stories such as Qoints…who are key examples of what can be done when creativity meets innovation.” – MP Kim Rudd



Pictured: Kim Rudd, Member of Parliament for Northumberland-Peterborough South


Following the success of the N100, it was announced during the BBQ that Renfrew County has recognized the value of investing in a community-based startup competition and will launch their very own competition for 2018 called “RC100.” Qoints is proud to be an example of the impact that community-based competitions can have, and is extremely appreciative of Northumberland’s platform which has enabled us to grow our roots in the region through hiring (we now have 3 local students on our team), as well as taking part in the establishment of Venture 13 (Cobourg’s new startup space set to open in early 2018).


As summer turns to fall, the Qoints team transitions from organizing a sunny BBQ towards hosting our State of MarTech event, to be held in November in Toronto. We look forward to continuing to explore the opportunities that Northumberland has for us and other startups, and cannot wait to begin planning next year’s BBQ event.


Qoints BBQ

Pictured: Harris Maxwell (COO and Co-founder of Qoints) demonstrates the Qoints platform’s capabilities to event attendees



Pictured: Gil Brocanier, Mayor of Cobourg, ON


Qoints BBQ

The Qoints & N100 BBQ crowd listening to Cory Rosenfield’s closing remarks – See you next year!