Yesterday, July 3, 2016, marks three years since we officially incorporated Qoints – our champagne birthday nonetheless! We’ve come a long way in that time but have many goals still to accomplish. As we grow as a company, we felt that this anniversary would be the perfect time to unveil a new, more mature identity in the form of an updated company logo, tagline and vision. We are excited to share it with you!



Overall, we were looking for a more sophisticated representation of the brand to align with our positioning in the digital marketing intelligence space. Taking a closer look at the new logo, besides a cleaner, more mature choice of font and colours, the biggest change is to the “O” in Qoints. Our trademark “coin” has evolved. While still a coin being inserted in to a slot, it is now styled to take on a couple different meanings. The 0 and a 1 represents the foundation of our business; binary code, information, big data… (the underlying blueprint of Qoints technology and value proposition). It also resembles I/O, a recognizable symbol for power, ignitions and activation. We believe this new logo and design is unique, and will be a recognizable standalone icon in time. Here is the side by side comparison:



Our company vision has been solidified: Empower intelligent data-driven marketing solutions.

This vision implies a broad range of MarTech opportunities however, we are hyper-focused on digital marketing intelligence, specifically in the consumer brand activation space. The core verticals we focus on remain Consumer Packaged Goods, Retail, Financial and Automotive industries. Transparency, Omni-channel, Digital, Standardize and Knowledge-base are all keywords that came up often in brainstorms – however they are more tactical than visionary.

We have also tweaked our tagline slightly as we continue a theme of cleanliness, sophistication and maturity – shifting from “How Digital Success Is Measured” to Digital Success Measured.

We are excited to build on our maturing identity and to continue grow the company’s reputation as a market leader in the MarTech space.