It’s incredible how much digital marketing data is recorded yet completely ignored!

Figuring out how to use marketing engagement data to make smarter decisions is one of the biggest challenges facing digital brand marketers today.

According to a CMO study, enterprise marketers said they spend 8% of their marketing budgets on marketing analytics (in 2012), and expect a 60% increase to this budget by 2015. How do you plan to monetize that budget shift?

Qoints is working to turn that (sometimes messy) engagement data into adaptive digital marketing intelligence!

The Data Driven Marketing Institute commisioned a study suggesting that the Data Driven Marketing Economy (DDME) added over $156 billion to the US economy (along with 675,000 jobs ) in 2012 alone.

Marketers want to make smarter decisions!

Digital marketing data can be valuable in a vacuum, but it’s even more useful as part of a larger set… and we’re always looking to grow our portfolio of trusted data partners. The following outlines how Qoints works with partners to drive monetary value from campaign data and further global performance benchmarking.

When you benchmark your marketing campaigns using Qoints’ comparative index, you’re backing up tactical decisions with concrete evidence from similar campaigns that target the same audience. At the same time, you’re helping to further the Qoints dataset for yourself and for other marketers to benefit from. But brand marketers are not the only way that we keep our dataset relevant and fresh – we rely on a growing number of data partners that are growing the size and breadth of the Qoints index exponentially faster than the brand marketers who are already involved in our pilot program.

How do we thank our data partners for their role in making digital marketers smarter?
We help them make their end customers smarter.

The majority of our data partners are promotion automation, brand marketing tools and digital agencies. Any company with a relevant dataset is eligible, but those ones fit our mold better than others because of the vast amount of engagement they tend to record around digital promotions such as contests, coupons and samples. In exchange for campaign engagement activity (excluding any personally identifiable information), Qoints enables marketers to optimize their campaign strategy and performance in real time to get maximum ROI on their marketing dollars.

For data partners, the value proposition is similar. In exchange for the data, we provide a powerful set of services that help show your end customer get the most out of your particular service:

  • We’ll centralize each customer’s digital marketing data and scrub it for ease of comparison
  • We’ll compare your numbers against industry averages across a range of KPIs and against market trends so you know where you and your clients stand today
  • We’ll identify KPIs you may not have considered or thought were possible to ascertain from your data
  • We’ll use your numbers to identify growth opportunities for you and your clients and tell you how to take advantage of them online
  • We’ll help you make money with the data you collect with reports and tools you can mark up and sell to your customers.

Even more importantly, we’ll deliver this all as an easy-to-present case study to distribute to your stakeholders.

Best of all, you’ll see Qoints in action.

You’ll see your digital performance from a different perspective, and quite possibly the one that matters most: how it compares to your competitive segment.

Before A Campaign

  • You’ll use our data to validate or reject tactics for upcoming campaigns based on your customers’ goals.
  • You’ll watch it predict campaign results before launch.

During A Campaign

  • You’ll get ideas for tweaking under-performing digital assets and media spends in real time while running a campaign.
  • You’ll learn how to optimize every minute of a campaign with benchmarks that continually adapt as more data flows in.

After A Campaign

  • You’ll use our benchmarking feature for internal evaluations, analyzing past efforts and planning future campaigns.
  • You’ll be better at choosing digital channels and negotiating with them because you’ll know more about what your data is worth to them.

If you’re a mass-market data collector, this is a no-brainer. You have no up-front cost, and come out wiser about your clients’ businesses with added value to offer. You can even mark up the service as an additional revenue stream.

Rest assured, we won’t use your digital marketing data in any way other than as part of an aggregate, and personally identifiable data is never stored.

If you’re interested, fill out the contact form below or drop us a line at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.