With 2017 being the year of the micro influencer, it hardly seems realistic that it should go anywhere but to the top.  Influencer marketing has been an increasingly popular and advantageous route for marketers to take when look to expand their reach and boost awareness.  This article is going to cover exactly why micro influencers will win influencer marketing in 2018, and continue to be hot commodities in the world of marketing.

They Deliver Engagement

Micro influencers on average drive 60% more engagement to their campaigns than their celebrity counterparts….move aside Kardashians! How are they doing this? Well, micro influencers live within the sweet spot of under 30,000 followers.  Followers like to feel as though they’re relating to this person. Once their following list hits over 100,000, engagement peaks and starts to taper off, followers aren’t engaging when they feel lost in the crowd. The main reason behind this is quite simple; followers of celebrities don’t actually believe the celeb actually uses and likes the products they’re promoting.

They’re Cost Effective

Campaigns powered by micro influencers cost on average 6.7 times less than campaigns with influencers with a larger following.  This makes a ton of sense, and something that so many brands are taking advantage of.  With the margins being so great, it gives your brand the bandwidth to even more campaigns with your preferred micro influencers.  Win-Win! Not to mention micro influencers are so readily available, they exist in much larger numbers than macro or mega influencers.  Another huge selling point of utilizing micro influencers is that they are more apt to be loyal to the brand they’re promoting. They already have an existing purchase history, and positive brand affinity, which allows the relationship to continuously flourish, (not to mention they’re already fans of your brand and shouldn’t take too much convincing to get started).  Being able to find micro influencers is a large part of implementing an influencer strategy that works, and is successful.  

They Drive Social Buzz

On average micro influencers are driving 22% more weekly conversations than the average consumer.  They are posting interesting content, they’re likeable, relatable, and have relevant information to share with their like-minded followers.   Because they’re so personally invested in their own content, micro influencers are trusted sources of recommendations for their follower. The trust they have built with their followers allows them to heavily influence the desired action of their followers toward a promoted product or service.  

We know that influencer marketing is certainly not going anywhere, anytime soon. We have seen the trend of influencer marketing go from an up and coming marketing tactic to an essential part of most marketing initiatives.  Having micro influencers as part of that initiative is an integral aspect, and obviously a cost efficient one as well. The world of marketing is constantly evolving, with new trends emerging all the time…thankfully the trend of micro influencers is still on an upwards journey, and isn’t slowing down anytime soon.  Micro influencers will win influencer marketing in 2018 without a doubt, and maybe even for years to come.

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