Strategic partnership with Brand Activation Association helps Qoints expand baseline benchmarks for Food & Beverage, Health & Beauty and more!

Qoints is excited to announce their official partnership with the Brand Activation Association (BAA) The BAA, which is a division of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), is made up of brand marketers, agencies, service companies and law firms that specialize in the disciplines of brand activation. The strategic partnership between Qoints and the BAA will be a major driver of the company’s thought leadership efforts, with the support of the BAA’s vast resources and network. The other BAA activation partners are AOL, PwC and Fandango.

Qoints is a Toronto-based marketing intelligence platform and data marketplace that helps marketers deliver better business with their digital promotions. Qoints software provides marketers a knowledge base of digital promotions that allows them to compare their results against the rest of their industry. 

In conjunction with the BAA, Qoints will host a webinar, lead a Share Group (tightly-focused conference for BAA members), and contribute to the BAA’s comprehensive Content Library. Partnering with the BAA will bolster Qoints’ content distribution network, providing hyper-targeted reach within the industry and helping to foster relationships with key partners. Access to all BAA and ANA events will be made available for Qoints (of which they will be attended selectively) for additional business development opportunities.

Working with the BAA also allows Qoints to access to proprietary data such as REGGIE Award winners applications, case studies, and other research performed by the BAA. “This partnership provides us with up-to date campaign data that complements the Qoints platform, allowing us to expand the core data-set, validate our taxonomy and develop new category baselines” says Cory Rosenfield, Qoints co-founder and CEO. The baselines created will fuel industry best practices, white-papers and Qoints thought leadership – and will be distributed throughout our network. Baseline benchmark expansion includes the following categories: Food & Beverage, Health & Beauty, Home & Office Improvement, Pet Supplies, Wine & Liquor & Beer, Apparel, School & Office Supplies, Consumer Electronics, Household, Retail, Financial Services.

This proprietary research is being developed with the BAA’s new member resource centre in-mind – as it will serve as a valuable addition to BAA members. Qoints thought leadership will be distributed directly to BAA membership, further establishing Qoints as a thought leader in the Digital Marketing Intelligence space among Brand Activation marketing professionals. 


About BAA:

Founded in 1911, the Brand Activation Association (BAA) has championed this industry through its combination of research, education, advocacy, and collaboration opportunities. The organization’s membership is comprised of top brand marketers, marketing agencies, law firms, retailers, and service providers representing thousands of brands worldwide. As of July 1, 2014, the BAA has become a division of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA). BAA, together with the ANA, provides leadership that advances marketing excellence and shapes the future of the industry.