By now most of us have heard of “Social Media Husbands,” who follow their partners around capturing content in flattering angles and perfect lighting. What’s starting to become more common though, is Influencer Couples who combine their social media efforts to create a unified personal brand.  Influencer Couples are creating content across all kinds of mediums and the content they produce is not limited to relationships or strictly focused on family dynamics. In fact, some of the most compelling accounts are focused on travel, cooking, fashion and even fitness. In this post, we’ve curated 5 Influencer Couples worth following:

Acro Buddhas – Miranda and Ryan (@acrobuddhas) are acro yoga instructors and performance artists based in Toronto, Canada. This couple combines their love for movement and teaching to create workshops and online content for aspiring acro yogis.

They’ve collaborated with music festivals and large events to create entertaining performances for attendees and generate ticket sales. They also collaborate with brands like Couples Resorts in Jamaica to create romantic, travel-related content for their 75k+ followers.

Find Us Lost – Selena and Jacob (@finduslost) are travel influencers who create blog posts and travel guides for bucket list destinations and experiences. Their story started with a three month road trip, and quickly evolved into travel-as-a-lifestyle content.

Selena and Jacob now create content together full-time and work with brands on strategic social media campaigns. Their clients include hotel brands like Hard Rock Hotel and Shangri-La Resorts, as well as tourism companies such as Tourism Hungary. They even worked on the Lauren Conrad x Kohls campaign!

Brashley – Ashley and Brad (@Brashley143) are a married couple who both love healthy, nutritious food. They’ve partnered with Healthsimple on Instagram and YouTube to produce valuable content based off of the homemade meals and recipes they create together.

Many of Ashley and Brad’s recipes are focused on the Keto and Paleo diets, and they walk you through how-to videos for items like Spaghetti Squash Coconut Milk Alfredo and Cauliflower Grits with Southern Style Shrimp!

Cup of Couple – Mike and Gabriel (@cupofcouple) are fashion photographers and bloggers based in Spain. They started their Cup of Couple blog to bring all of their content and unique artistic styles into one central place.

They’ve worked with high fashion clients like Dior, Prada and Valentino to produce original content, while also consulting on the creative processes and art direction for these household luxury names.

Cup of Couple is also known for their Street Style video series on their YouTube channel, where they capture local fashion in various European cities.

Did we miss your favourite Influencer Duo? Let us know your favourite accounts that are total #couplegoals.

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