MarTech Made In Canada: deepPiXEL

Interview with Susan Li, Data Analyst, deepPiXEL Harnessing the power of A.I., deepPiXEL allows brands to create a more efficient customer support experience through enhancing consumer interactions with customizable, automated assistance. This Canadian pioneer in cognitive A.I. technology is bringing a new level of FAQ interaction to consumers, and is gaining traction in the MarTech … Continue reading “MarTech Made In Canada: deepPiXEL”

Making the Shift: How to Access Gen Z

This blog post outlines the “Need-to-know’s” about marketing to Centennials – the generation born from 1996 to 2010 that will make up over 20% of the workforce by 2020.   Picture this: you have recently tapped into an emerging social channel to access your new customer… but you have less than 8 seconds (and sometimes … Continue reading “Making the Shift: How to Access Gen Z”

MarTech Made In Canada: #paid

Interview with Bryan Gold, Co-founder & CEO, #paid   As the importance of “the influencer” experiences exponential growth, #paid offers brands a platform to harness the power of media personalities for their marketing campaigns. As a leading collaboration service, #paid creates the right connections within the influencer community for companies in need across the globe. … Continue reading “MarTech Made In Canada: #paid”

The Omni-Channel Strategy

  Enough has been said about the Omni-Channel experience through two perspectives – primarily, why it is a myth, as seen through my posts including The Omni-Channel Paradox, Omni-Channel Far From Being a Reality. Secondly, discovering what the Omni-Channel experience will really mean for brands and consumers, while understanding why it is critical that every … Continue reading “The Omni-Channel Strategy”

MarTech Made in Canada: 5Crowd

An Interview with Bram Warshafsky, Co-Founder & CEO   As an non-traditional marketing agency, 5Crowd provides a platform to connect brands with a range of marketing freelance professionals across the globe. Find out more about how they use technology to connect passionate content creators with the companies who require creative diversity.   Briefly describe your … Continue reading “MarTech Made in Canada: 5Crowd”

Made In Canada Series: Sampler

 Interview with Kelly Stewart, Growth Marketing Manager, Sampler   Welcome to MarTech Made In Canada – Qoints’ new writing series about uniquely Canadian MarTech startups.  We have curated a number of interviews with Canadian Marketing Technology startups, as they reveal the perks of growing in the Great White North. Stay tuned as we feature some thought leadership … Continue reading “Made In Canada Series: Sampler”

SnapMaps 101: The Marketer’s Guide

  Snapchat has come back to the media scene with its latest major feature; the snapmap. It’s a tool that gives users a view of current events around the world, and it also allows users to access a virtual map that shows where in the world their friends are at that moment. This new feature has … Continue reading “SnapMaps 101: The Marketer’s Guide”

What to Track Instead of Impressions

In this article, we explore how marketers must look towards actionable metrics, rather than vanity-based impressions, to measure the success of their campaigns   Look Below the Surface of Metrics It all began when marketers started exploring an exciting new advertising channel: digital. Think back to traditional banner ads, followed by search, and much much later … Continue reading “What to Track Instead of Impressions”

Marketing Channel Selection 101 – Doesn’t a Bigger Net Have More Holes?

 – In this article we discuss how marketers often exhaust channels in attempts to reach a wider audience, as overly dispersing your messages will dilute the impact on your target – It is found that you must be precise with channel choice in order to drive results and attain a measurable ROI Your Channel’s Net Has … Continue reading “Marketing Channel Selection 101 – Doesn’t a Bigger Net Have More Holes?”

The 8 Step Marketing Measurement Plan

People often delay starting complex projects because all they can see ahead are the challenges and complexities involved in completing such projects. If something seems too daunting of an up-hill battle to ever complete, it’s very hard to get started. Those who might feel too discouraged to begin can overcome this mental barrier by breaking … Continue reading “The 8 Step Marketing Measurement Plan”