Interview with Susan Li, Data Analyst, deepPiXEL

Harnessing the power of A.I., deepPiXEL allows brands to create a more efficient customer support experience through enhancing consumer interactions with customizable, automated assistance. This Canadian pioneer in cognitive A.I. technology is bringing a new level of FAQ interaction to consumers, and is gaining traction in the MarTech sector.

Briefly describe your company

DeepPiXEL is your Intelligent Digital Agent (IDA), bringing an A.I. powered service desk to IT, HR, customer support and other internal and external service teams. Perform tasks or services for an individual, automate answering questions, and proactively educate your employees and customers. Our technology can be deployed across mobile, web and social media channels to deliver important information far more quickly and efficiently than conventional channels like email and telephone. Deliver a better experience to your employees and customers and keep everyone knowledgeable, engaged and productive. Founded in 2016, deepPiXEL is based in Toronto, Canada.

How big is your team?

With eight full-time employees, our team consists of veteran computer engineers, data scientists, sales and marketing professionals, project leaders and we are constantly hiring.

Why is your tech needed? 

IDA is set to cause major disruption in a variety of industries. Our virtual assistants already have the capability to handle tasks like data entry, scheduling, and other assistant-like tasks. They make the manually scheduling a meeting a thing of the past. They have the potential to massively change the areas like customer service and human resources. In the end, we believe that IDA will be an absolutely necessary part of running a business.That’s just what businesses need to stay competitive in a constantly changing market landscape.

In 10 years, how will your company have changed the face of marketing?

Our prediction: IDA isn’t going to replace marketers and marketing teams, it’s going to make them more efficient. It isn’t going to replace human intelligence, it’s going to add to it through uncovering new insights. And it isn’t going to turn anyone into marketing robot. Instead, IDA promises to free humans from repetitive and boring tasks so that we can spend more time on the jobs that require a human touch.

What is the biggest advantage of being based in Canada? 

We were happy to see that the federal government of Canada is funding a Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence strategy that will position Canada as a world leader in AI. We believe Canada has the potential to lead the AI globally. The density of startups and talents in the Toronto-Waterloo region means that we don’t need to go anywhere. In addition to world famous politeness, Canadians are educated, humble, intelligent and loyal. That’s why we are here.

What was your biggest “win” this year? 

We have several wins and hard to say which one is the biggest. We have deployed IDA to a number of Canadian businesses in finance HR and retail industries. It’s guaranteed to be an interesting year ahead. We are looking forward to becoming one of the hottest startups to watch in Canada.

For companies needing to improve their customer support, proactively inform employees, or streamline specific task services, deepPiXEL provides the solution. To learn more about their services, or to set up a demo of their Intelligent Digital Agent, check out their websiteQoints is excited to promote Canadian talent within our MarTech Made In Canada series, following the positive reaction to last year’s article. If you wish to share the story of your Canadian MarTech startup’s journey, reach out to [email protected] today!