With the mass adoption of social media and blogging, the fashion industry is no longer solely governed by fashion magazines and haute couture editors. Fashion icons of today come in many forms, and influencers now have the ability to put a brand on the map without ever getting on a catwalk.  Influencer marketing works particularly well for the fashion industry because it’s so visual, giving fashion influencers the ability to stimulate the imagination and create new trends. Visual platforms, such as Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube are predominantly leveraged for fashion-based influencer marketing campaigns.   If you’re a retail business or brand that operates within the fashion landscape, here are 5 fashion micro influencers you might want to work with.

Mikaela Wightman @mikaela.wightman

With the tagline “my style, my excursions, my eyebrows” Mikaela documents her adventures (and the outfits she sports while on them), primarily via her Instagram feed. She currently has 22.3K followers and travels back and fourth from Toronto, Canada to Laguna Beach, California. Mikaela has worked with brands like H&M, Macy’s and Bikini Village. Fun fact: Mikaela was on Season 3 of Bachelor Canada and actually received the final rose!


Jodi Blk Lopez @jodiblk_

Jodi’s content focuses on fashion and beauty and she keeps her email address conveniently located in her Instagram bio. Her style is monochromatic with all of her photos restricted to shades of black, white and grey. Jodi currently has 73.6k followers and has worked with brands like Town Shoes, YSL Beauty and Rebecca Minkoff. Jodi and her boyfriend are total couple goals (he’s a micro influencer as well). You can follow the fitness journey of her boyfriend, Jose, on Instagram @joselopez_fit.

Em Roberts @thelipstickfever

Em has nailed the “pout” pose, better known as duck face. With her iconic and always painted lips, Em has attracted over 50k followers to her Instagram feed. While she’s currently living in the UK, she’s taking full advantage of nearby European destinations. You’ll find her sharing photos in high profile destinations wearing well-styled outfits and signature lipstick.

Diego Leon @dandyinthebronx

Diego is a fashion blogger and menswear influencer from The Bronx. He currently has 41.8k followers on Instagram and has worked with fashion brands like Lacoste, Uniqlo and Frank and Oak. Diego loves a well tailored suit and encourages the use of his hashtag #dandyinthebronx.  Diego is one of a kind, and is the ideal fashion micro influencer for a menswear brand to work with.

David Grr @davidgrr

David is a photographer, blogger, content creator and social media influencer from Sydney, Australia. His content is focused on menswear, lifestyle and travel. David currently has almost 80k followers on his Instagram page and works with brands like Zara, Adidas and Mr Porter.

Fashion micro influencers help bridge the gap between runway models wearing designer labels and everyday consumers who have previously felt left behind. Their followers are able to see regular people just like them wearing these brands, which gives them the confidence to purchase and experiment with new ensembles.