Interview with Bryan Gold, Co-founder & CEO, #paid


As the importance of “the influencer” experiences exponential growth, #paid offers brands a platform to harness the power of media personalities for their marketing campaigns. As a leading collaboration service, #paid creates the right connections within the influencer community for companies in need across the globe.


Briefly describe your company

#paid is the world’s leading influencer marketing platform for authentic brand collaborations. Top brands like Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and Airbnb trust our proprietary matching algorithm and dedicated team to find the right influencers, deliver engaging content, and measure ROI.


How big is your team?

32 members


Why is your tech needed?

Without #paid, finding influencers, executing influencer marketing campaigns, and tracking ROI is a major pain.


In 10 years, how will your company have changed the face of marketing?

#paid is proud to be helping brands create socially relevant content and reach their target audience by democratizing access to the top content creators in the world.


What is the biggest advantage of being based in Canada?

Canada’s network of like-minded entrepreneurs, incubation and acceleration networks, and with Government support has given us a huge advantage.


What was your biggest “win” this year?

Opening our US office and expanding south of the border.


Without a compatible connection, companies lack the resources to seamlessly promote their branded content. As the relevance of influencer discovery grows every day, platforms like #paid provide brands with the influencer management they require to develop meaningful and successful sponsored relationships. To find out more about their work, visit #paid’s website today.


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