Snapchat has come back to the media scene with its latest major feature; the snapmap. It’s a tool that gives users a view of current events around the world, and it also allows users to access a virtual map that shows where in the world their friends are at that moment. This new feature has the ability to open doors for numerous marketing opportunities, and on a more global scale; we are excitedly awaiting the release of SnapChat’s advertising features so we can fully take stock.


Prepare Yourself for Snapaction

In the few weeks following the release of SnapMaps, we have already seen some brand new tools added to the platform: the ability to add links to stories, alter the user’s voice, and change the backgrounds of images. It appears that this is just the beginning of Snap’s efforts to facilitate new ways for advertisers to drive traffic through the app. While we wait for the next exciting marketing features to roll out, make yourself comfortable and learn more about the Map platform with our detailed walkthrough.


What This Means

Global Connectivity & Reach

Given the global nature of this new setting, companies have the opportunity to gain visibility from consumers both local and abroad. This will allow increased ease of access and reach, given that events and sponsored posts across the world will now be readily available to explore and share for all users (rather than being exclusive to one location). Marketers will be able to access information around how the global audience interacts with their content, rather than only using impression based views as metrics.

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Hyper Targeting (Location and Density)

Although the map allows global visibility, users can also make public stories on the heat map specific to their town, hamlet, or city. This creates a hyper targeted and personalized experience, promoting a collective experience for the user’s community. In addition, the use of the heat map exhibits a real time visual representation of SnapChat story density, allowing users to see where and when activity is happening nearby.

Increased Activity

Although SnapChat’s user growth has slowed due to competitor similarities (looking at you, Instagram), this new feature capitalizes on a key weakness of mobile users: FOMO and curiosity. The “fear of missing out” is very strong among users when it comes to events or outings, and Snapchat has created a visual representation of where your friends are and you aren’t. Aside from using this tool as a way to stalk your pals, the feature drives curiosity to explore current events around the world, without needing to do much digging. User frequency should increase as Snapchatters update when and where they are doing things, while others may discover these postings in real time.


The allure is found in the organic perspective that these clips offer – users are drawn to content that appears as though their friends were sharing the experience with them.


Marketing Opportunities

Although advertising opportunities are not yet available on this new feature (at least for now), we can foresee these marketing tools as potential offerings within the Map in the near future.


HeatMap Geofilters

Marketers may soon have the opportunity to add sponsored lenses (filters) to locations that are heavily concentrated with activity (deep red) within a 24hr period.

Geo-Targeted Ads

Using stories to advertise events like that of location-specific sales and promotions or local activities. This could be highly specific to each location and user base, targeting users who are touring the area or being used to intrigue existing community members.

Sponsored Location Stories

Larger events that have stories which are globally visible may soon be “sponsored” by brands wanting to associate themselves with events (such as sporting events, music tours, public figure meet and greets, etc.). This can be used to direct the user to the physical location or online page where they can learn more about the brand’s offering.


Explore Your Options

Security Concerns

Although this new feature has become the latest target of discussion surrounding digital privacy, the nature of all location-based apps are no different than Snapchat’s latest offering. Users are capable of opting out of the map feature, and are asked prior to the feature being enabled which preference they wish to use, giving users the ability to manage their audience. Therefore, users have the same amount of leverage (if not more) in contrast to other apps that track friends, “send locations” or post statuses or images with location data.


Where’s the Attraction?

Marketers should view Snapmaps as an exciting new way to capture the attention of a global, youthful audience that lives on a more creative platform. Although one may question the allure of mobile quality amateur videos from events across the world, the draw is found in the organic perspective that these clips offer. Users are drawn to content that appears as though their friends were sharing the experience with them, or captures a unique adventure that they could have taken.


This new degree of activity is something that Marketers should be excited about, as we await the next steps for advertising on this global platform. If you want to read more about trending and exciting news regarding the MarTech sector, make sure to follow our blog for updates.