If you think that marketing technologies drove disruption for CPG manufacturing and retail in the last five years, you haven’t seen anything yet. Get ready for the next five years!

It will be very interesting to measure how many new emerging marketing technologies drive the evolution of consumption behaviors over the next few years. It’s expected that more than 50% of sales will be driven via digital by 2020 – but right now only a small percentage of these sales are captured by CPG manufacturers. How marketers adapt while embracing a Direct to Consumer (DTC) model will define who thrives and who dies over the next decade.

When Nike released their most recent quarterly earnings, they focused on future ecommerce and DTC growth. Today, Nike ecommerce sales account for $1 billion annually, which they anticipate to grow through technology innovation investments to $7B by 2020. They also anticipate DTC sales to more than double (from $6.6 billion to $16 billion) annually in the next 5 years.

In the world of marketing and advertising, Canada is seen as a pilot market or testing ground for US consumer products

Canadian marketing budgets follow population trends, generally maxing out at 10% of their counterparts south of the border. This serves as a great catalyst for marketing technologies to be dreamed up and developed in Canada while finding true scale in the US and beyond!

Here’s a list of made in Canada marketing technologies experiencing international success that every CPG manufacturer and retailer need to start using in 2016:

Sampler – Personalized social sampling with in-store, mail and e-commerce fulfillment options. Has worked with: Mondelez and The Body Shop

Limelight – Promotion automation for live marketing campaigns such as sampling, surveys, sponsorships and more. Has worked with: BMW, Molson Coors, Scotia Bank

Consumer Intelligence Group – Market and consumer insight reports (by postal code) aggregating data from Equifax, StatsCan, Numeris and more. Has worked with: TD Bank and Canada Post

Post Beyond – Grows your social communities by enabling employees to consume and share branded content. Has worked with: Starbucks, Allstream and the PGA

Qoints – Data management layer that centralizes and anonymizes marketing campaigns across all platforms and channels to create industry norms, best practices and actionable insights. Has worked with: 3M and Deloitte

Honorable Mentions: AdEase, Turnstyle Solutions, Cluep, Rover Labs, Trideit, Boon Rewards


Need help navigating the many different digital marketing technologies?

You’re not alone! It’s an overwhelming digital world out there; consumer brands use a multitude of tools to manage their marketing programs, and even more once you factor in the other areas of their businesses. Different tools work better for different brands – there’s no perfect science. Qoints helps brands bring turn confusion into clarity by identifying trends and best practices that are tailored to unique business goals and customer profiles. We help you identify what tools are working for your brand, category and industry vertical overall to ultimately get a better ROI from your marketing dollars and increase sales.

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