Instagram brings the world of real people into the palm of your hand.   That means daily stories and posts from the exceptionally fit can inspire and motivate us to move. After all, a guru is someone who rose to such distinction after years of putting in the work.  Supposedly these people are not just eye candy, but aim to inspire our own self-discipline around working out. With fitness being one of the most popular topics online, it’s no wonder brands are hopping on the micro influencer bandwagon and targeting popular Instagram accounts. Below are some of our favourite female fitness micro influencers that deliver results, and who we think can help motivate your own quest.

Deanna Di Carlo @dedica

You don’t have to live in Florida to catch the contagious sunshine emanating from female fitness micro influencer Deanna Di Carlo.  Originally from Canada, @dedica’s IG has grown to just over 15k followers since her early days of champagne-sipping party girl posts.  Instead of cleaning up old shots of biscottis and Coronas, Deanna has captured the evolution of her journey by leaving those old images up. Her look is warm and cheery.  Whether she’s doing a handstand in her humble bedroom or posing scandalously in a professionally shot jungle scene, she always exudes a confidence that invites a thumbed Instagram heart.  Her message is not one of hardcore dieting or rigorous, punishing exercise but more about a finding a self-love that brings about a fulfilling attitude towards life.

female-fitness-micro-influencerUsing her lovable girl-next-door charm to build up a loyal following, Di Carlo casually but infrequently works in product sponsorship to share her secrets to vibrancy.  Like doing a push-up over her green juice from @elixirjuicelab in Toronto. Or showing off the movability of her Onzie fitness wear while flowing in and out of her impressive handstands.   Having built a world of trust with her followers and by projecting a glowing authenticity, she has her crowd mapping their way to the trending wellness café to get their own glow on.

Liz Arch @lizarch

This LA-based Hawaiian real-life Pocahontas has built up a following of almost 70k Instagram followers with a powerful combination of being gorgeous, strong, funny and real at the same time.   Sprinkled amongst smoothie shots and perfect beach poses, Liz has revealed the biggest struggles in her seemingly perfect world which makes her followers relate and trust her even more. Her pregnancy announcement last year was anything but ordinary, as she described the unexpected news. Being raw and relatable is what puts this Instagram yogi into an influencer status that is well-deserved.  

female-fitness-micro-influencerWe see more sponsored posts with Liz than many other micro-influencers, as if she is not even remotely trying to hide that her feed has value to the brands that want to connect with her audience.  By tagging her posts with “paid sponsorship with” before listing a brand account, this wellness mama delicately weaves sincerity throughout her posts and makes it clear when she is endorsing a product for pay. Her affinity with smoothies is a way to create recurring paid posts with @livevegansmart and keep their plant-based protein top of mind to increase conversion amongst her network.  

female-fitness-micro-influencersBethany Rae @flowerandfreedom

Fitness isn’t only for the sober, conveys IG influencer Bethany Rae who is a Canadian cannabis advocate focused on fitness and lifestyle.  “Lately I’ve been exploring this @thehydropothecary cbd spray and find it to fit perfectly into my fitness routine” (her recent post shows the spray at her foot as she ties up her lace for a workout).  After putting herself in the spotlight at several of Canada’s biggest cannabis expos in the past year, @flowerandfreedom is well on her way to destigmatizing cannabis through posts about microdosing, the use of CBD for aches and pains, or the connection between elevated mental states and the motivation to exercise.  Something that speaks to all of her followers and, well, pretty much everyone. In one post, she’s seen outside a dispensary in Seattle to pick up a cold fruity beverage with THC after a run, cautioning how many milligrams of THC can feel like too much for her.  

female-fitness-micro-influencerMany of Rae’s posts include products, but she positions herself as the first to let you in on these independent cannabis brands (like Cannalife who produce myriad cannabis-infused body products).  Her tips and insider posts create a consumer awareness for a grey market of goods that you may not easily find out about otherwise. Though she isn’t shown as a ripped, flexible exercise guru, Rae’s big smile and blonde locks make her a welcome face in your feed.  It’s not easy to be pioneer in an industry that is just starting to break through, but @flowerandfreedom has found her niche and is committed to sharing a vision that takes stoners off the couch and links cannabis to an active, healthy life. Her avid following makes her a serious up-and-comer, a fantastic female fitness micro influencer that delivers, and you can bet it will only grow from here.   

The rise of female fitness micro influencers is nothing short of inspirational, engaging and extremely successful.  Women like taking advice from women, especially those considered the “gurus” in their niche. These three women are ones to definitely watch out for in the coming months, with many nutrition and fitness brands hopping on board to sponsor posts in return for high conversion rates and new customers.  If you’re on the hunt for your own micro influencers but aren’t sure where to begin, start with our post How to Find Influencers – it’s packed full of tips to get you moving in the right direction.