Luxury travel advisors, travel bloggers and adventure seekers are popping up all over the web.  These dream careers (which once seemed impossible to afford) are now things we hear more of every day, and are proving to be very rewarding and exciting lifestyles.  This is largely due to paid partnerships, sponsorships, advertisements and marketing that so many of these experts are seeking (and brands are looking to give). Today we are going to take a look at a few very successful Instagram travel micro influencers that are crushing it one adventure at a time.  If you’re new to the whole micro influencer thing, and want to know where to find some for your brand, stop by our post on How to Find Micro Influencers. 

Bianca & Brett: Travel Bloggers and Photographers

Bianca and Brett of KiwisOffCourse are the adorable travel couple behind this exciting and exotic Instagram page, blog and gallery.  They saved up their money, created a bucket list, and started their adventure together! Luckily for us, they decided to share it with the world.  Now, with just under 30k followers on Instagram, these two are really turning up the engagement and interaction with their followers. Hailing from New Zealand (Kiwis… you know?), they have various partnerships with local and some not-so-local brands.  Their most recent influencer contest was with NZ Bride and Groom Magazine, where they gave away tickets to the infamous Bride and Groom Show in Auckland. Contest rules were listed in the post, which included liking and sharing the NZ Bride and Groom Instagram page.  The post received over 1500 likes, which is an excellent result for a following of their size. Of course their account is also sprinkled with partnerships with MVMT and other fashion travel lines like Pacsafe Official (who specialize in trusted, safe travel bags).   


Chelsea Martin: Luxury Travel Advisor, and Blogger

Martin of PassportofFriday boasts an attractive and engaging Instagram account with just over 16k followers, which fits the micro influencer mold perfectly.  In her profile she states that she travels over 250 days out of the year – what an amazing career choice! On her account she gives advice on where to go, places to stay, and must-see attractions from her journeys. What makes her posts so successful is that she actually visits and experiences every city, hotel, restaurant and spa that she recommends to her loyal followers.  She subtly promotes brands with coupon codes (such as Diff Eye Wear) throughout her attractive and enticing posts.  She also sprinkles in various discount codes and coupons from wine brands, hotels and airlines she flies with!  The post below shows off the comfort and style of the “first pair of shoes she’s been able to walk miles in!” from the shoe brand Rothys.  Women are ALWAYS looking for a comfortable yet fashionable shoe to travel in.  All in all, Chelsea’s got it going on! With her following growing by the day, she is one to watch as an avid Instagram travel micro influencer of 2018.


Amanda Blakley: Travel Blogger, Editor and Contributor


Blakley is the face behind the lens of AmandaBlakley. The adventurous mom of two chronicles her and her family’s travels on her page for her avid following of just over 11.5k.  Most recently, she partnered with Cadillac and posted a fun video of the new Cadillac XT5 in the snow showcasing its impressive automatic parallel parking feature!  With an extremely engaged audience, her post received over 1300 views, and 60+ comments – perfect range for an Instagram micro influencer.  Another post from Blakley included a partnership with Dockers.  The post painted a very realistic image of what vacationing with children can encompass: her husband, looking fashionable and put together, while at the same time dealing with tantrums and tired toddlers.  Blakley’s following may not be very large, but since her posts are so relatable and genuine, her engagement is consistent which makes her a perfect Instagram travel micro influencer.


Instagram is and continues to be a great spot for brands, big and small to increase their awareness, and conversion rates.  We continue to see the success of micro influencers as time goes by. As the old saying goes, bigger isn’t always better!