With over 700 million people scrolling through their Instagram feed each month, the cost of ads has really started to skyrocket. According to Forbes, an account with over a million followers can earn upwards of $50k for a single sponsored post (depending on engagement). That can really start to add up! Enter the micro influencer. In the past few years, marketers have noticed that smaller accounts (think 1000 – 100,000 followers) generate a better ratio of likes and comments to followers than larger accounts. So, what exactly makes them more successful than their monstrous counterparts who have millions of fans? Read on, because today we’ll look at 5 reasons why micro influencers get better engagement than their macro competitors.

Genuine “Real Life” Posts

One of the obvious things that can set apart a micro influencer from a celebrity influencer is their sense of “realness.” Their Instagram page is littered with family photos, dogs, and other “real life” posts that make them seem super relatable. Take @kaaayso for example; her page is cluttered with workout selfies, wedding candids, and other genuine posts for her 23k followers to double tap like it was their very own personal friend. Sprinkled in are her chic sponsored posts with Daniel Wellington, showing off her watch as the “perfect Mother’s Day gift.” With over 1700 likes, this trendy post boasts over 7% engagement.


Loyal Band of Followers

“It’s lonely at the top,” or so they say.   The same could be said about those Instagram stars with over 1M followers… do all of their followers have their back? The traditional micro influencer has a loyal following; a group of trusted fans that has steadily increased in size as they continue to share more insightful and relevant posts that fit the likes of those who follow. @socalgolden features an adorable and lovable golden retriever named Abby. Obviously this account is run by the owner, but with a dog-loving following of 29k people, this furry account makes for the perfect micro influencer! Mixed in with oh-so-cute doggy pictures are sponsored ads and coupon codes for Abby’s favourite treats like @bestbullysticks, doggy beds, and even her favourite human beds to snooze on! This pup’s followers are bound to be as loyal as she is.


They’re Already Brand Advocates

The most successful micro influencers are the ones who are already fans of your brand. When they promote products or services from your brand, it’s more trustworthy and, as previously mentioned, genuine. This is because their followers know that the influencer already loves your products. The icing on the cake for brands looking for these influencers is that they really don’t have to put in too much effort to convince them to become official advocates.

Brand-Relevant Posts

The challenge a lot of brands run into is being able to find relevant micro influencers. If you’re stuck here, check this post out – How To Find Micro Influencers. Once brands find micro influencers that are a good fit for them, the possibilities are endless. Why? Because, the brand does not need to worry that the posts are relevant, or that they’re reaching the right audience – the audience has been hand picked and chooses to be there! The product or service resonates more with followers who can really relate to the person who’s using it, and who are actually interested in what they’re sharing. It’s like they’re connected!

You Can Trust Them

The key differentiator here is that micro influencers are truly invested in their craft. They would never promote a product that does not fit naturally into their niche and make sense for them as a trusted source of advice for their followers. After all, just like any other brand, they’re trying to increase engagement and push their numbers up. Bottom line – they’re just as invested as the brand that they’re promoting.

It’s obvious now why micro influencers get better engagement, and why their popularity and usage in brand campaigns is on the rise. Consumers are more likely to buy a product that is recommended by a trusted source of information and advice by someone relatable and down to earth, someone just like them! Remember: it’s not about just getting eyeballs, it’s getting the eyeballs that care.